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InTech Industry is a software company that is working on building modern 3D-virtual reality systems with a headquarters in Moscow, Russia. Today we introduce a modern technology of e-learning and virtual exhibitions, based on 3D-virtual reality.

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Our SDK is a tool for rapid development of any complicated interactive 3D spaces with highest level of 3D graphics, compared only with most modern 3D games.

Every small part of the interior or objects in it can be interactive and useful for education purposes. Users enter the virtual reality by only one click and represented where by his virtual "alter ego", an avatar. They can move, talk, cooperate with interactive objects or other users and instructors in 3D virtual space, change appearance and shape. Up to 1000 users simultaneously may be on-line.

Distance Learning

On-line distance learning in 3D-virtual reality is most effective and costless way for students to get necessary knowledge right in the home or office. After simple software installations the user enters the virtual reality. Training starts in preliminary created 3D spaces, which can be similar with real places or any other kind at the request of the customer. These 3D virtual classes can use any graphic and training materials and items. Users can freely move, interact with different objects in virtual reality, browse presentations and documents on screens, activate devices, pass tests, and talk with other users including teachers or instructors. Communication is provided through a microphone, chat and useful panel of emotions.

With this technology, training of employees based on modeling of non-standard situation at their workplaces is especially effective.

For example, consider the training for emergency stop of the conveyor or cooperative actions on fire. The modeling of such situations could be very similar with real situation, with the real effect of presence, and could be very efficient for training. It is possible to pass both self-training, and training with the teacher in 3D virtual reality. Integration of our 3D system of training in virtual reality with LMS of the client and interaction in the SCORM format is possible also. The training complex in virtual reality can be deployed on our server with our support, or on the independent server.

Virtual expositions

In 2012 we created the first in Russia universal exhibition complex in 3D virtual reality, which supports more than 1000 users simultaneously (more on http://ExpoVirtual.ru). It is possible to hold any mass events in this complex - business exhibitions, art thematic exhibitions, conferences, presentations, meetings.

User-friendly web interface allows issuing the exhibition stand easily for exhibitors. Visitors can move on an exhibition, browse the exhibits and communicate with representatives of the exhibitors and other visitors

Also we can create any new unique exhibition complex and provide carrying out any mass action at the request of the customer.

Our clients, like Aeroflot, MTS, Ministry of Culture of RUSSIA and others, are already estimated advantages our systems.

The future is already here!

Contact us: contact 3d-virtual.ru